PR Monday Memes: It’s Britney Bitch

First and foremost let me get one thing cleared up, I love Britney.

Team Britney since 2003… Um, Toxic? Ever heard of it? She’s a queen and when she had her meltdown, shaved her head and used an umbrella as a weapon of sorts, Iย still loved her.

I am not making fun of Brit, more embracing her realness (or something, I don’t know…I just love Britney Memes).

Everything isย fine… I don’t know why people keep asking me that!

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Wow, that was quick…

Wish I could say I felt some shame relating to this….

Are you already convinced it’s hilarious or are you just not listening?ย 

The progression of a mom turning into 2007-Britney-Momย is real.


Not impressed. Stop talking. Life is hard.

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Had enough of your shit Susan

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Actually, anything butย that.

And that…

More often than I care to admit…

An oldie, but a goodie…

Because bad days are inevitable and we can all feel a little britney-breakdown at times…

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Happy Monday!