Given The Chance, This Is What I’d Say….

The odds of me running into any of these celebrities is pretty slim, but should the opportunity present itself… I will be prepared.

[maybe I’ll just tweet them]

Jennifer Lawrence: I think my husband would leave me for you … & I wouldn’t really blame him.


Gavin Degraw: I’m sorry I talked so much shit about you…until I saw you live 5 years later & fell in love with you.

Kris Jenner: You, ma’am have raised yourself some very beautiful cash crops.


Bruce Jenner: If nothing else, I hope you’re making your ex-wife super uncomfortable […& that you’re happy].

John Legend: I don’t care how famous and beautiful your voice is…it’s terrible to tell a girl she looks beautiful while she’s crying.

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Big Sean: You’ve successfully made me a white girl who says, “chuuu” instead of you. 

Katy Perry: I named my cat after you… after she died you actually started going downhill – I’m not saying it’s related or anything.

Miley Cyrus: Do your thing, girl.

Daniel Ratcliffe: Watching you rap on Fallon tonight, I finally saw you as Daniel not Harry Potter – you should rap more often.

Dakota Johnson: Bitch, you’re brave… people need to give you more credit.  

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What did you keep?

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A Flogger.

Ed Sheeran: My husband get’s mad when he sees you & realizes Ellie Goulding was attracted to you at some point, but I get it…


Taylor Hanson: I thought I was going to marry you, turns out you had like 20 planned kids; it would have never worked out…but have fun with that.

Justin Bieber: I am going to watch your Roast tonight on Comedy Central and probably end up liking you a whole lot more afterwards; the odds are in your favor.


Matthew McConaughey: Your Lincoln commercials make me want to puke, all right?

Lil Wayne: I ran around a bar once and told everyone you were the modern day Dr. Seuss… & I still believe it.

I Made One Meme & Then I Couldn’t Stop

I saw a picture today that screamed:


That’s never happened before.

And then I couldn’t stop making them. I’m not sure whether I should apologize or if you should thank me.

This all happened tonight…

Lindsay Lohan Chikungunya






I don’t know…

Is meme-making a legit hobby?

Can I put that on a resume?

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