Jenny, Jennie, Jenni, and Jen

Being given a common name is a vicious cycle. My dad’s name is Darwin, but he goes by Jim because his middle name is James. He then went on to name his children, Catherine, David, and Jennifer. I named my son Bennett because it seemed unique at the time, only to find out I’d failed miserably, there was another one in his first daycare, along with an Emmett…which is close enough.

In school, I wasn’t a fan of there being so many of us in the same class.


We’re everywhere. We dominate in my age-range, sixth grade was the year it started bothering me though. I started out as a Jenny, but then I met Jenny and went to Jennie for a very short time. There was already a girl named Jennie Wagner and not only did I not want to share, I especially didn’t want to share with her. I’m sure she’s a lovely person, but it was sixth grade and I thought she was prettier than me so, in true girl-fashion, there was a distaste for her. That’s how I became a Jenni.

My maiden name allowed my initials to be JLo… like the Jlo. That was one of the few reasons I felt a little sad changing my name. It wasn’t serious enough to hyphenate…but I do miss telling people not to be fooled by the rocks that I got, cause I’m still Jenni from the block.


As I got older I morphed into a Jen, even my mom calls me that. However, when I went back to waitressing after taking a decade off, there was already a Jen. So here we were again. I put Jenni on my name tag to differentiate between the two of us. I hadn’t been called Jenni on a regular basis in years. Now, as a thirty-something, the majority of people in my life would call me just that, Jenni.

Moving onto something else, am I supposed to pretend I’ve never been spoken to in Forrest Gump talk before, every single time? Not to mention I wait tables, making my exposure to strangers, more specifically, the jokesters to be borderline excessive.


I’ve been told that my Grandma had a say in my name, and to just throw this out there, I do not dislike my name. Do I wish it was something more unique? Yes, I’d take Juliette, Janessa, or Josephine (middle name Potter) over Jennifer all day… but I’ll take Jenny, Jennie, Jenni, and Jen… it could be worse.

5 Things: Billboard Music Awards 2015

2015 Billboard Music Awards Properly Ridiculous

2015 Billboard Music Awards Properly Ridiculous

When my husband asked if I wanted to watch the Billboard Music Awards, a twinkle may have showed up in my eyeball.  It’s been a long while since I’ve enjoyed 3 hours of an awards show. When all was said and done, and we fast forwarded past the hour and 42 minutes of commercials – I realized there were probably many people who did much more productive things with their Sunday evening; I’ll give you people the low-down.

1.) My husband apologized every time Jennifer Lopez was on our television screen. Her dress was beautifully see-through.

Jennifer Lopez 2015 Billboard Music Awards
[via: e! online]
I almost felt the need to apologize back to him because, well, damn Jlo – you look good. How the hello was their a set of twins inside that stomach? I had ONE kid grow inside mine eight years ago & it still shows loud and clear.

Not only was she beautifully naked, she also was fun to watch as she judged the choreography to Fallout Boy’s, Uma Thurman performance. Then, when Megan Trainor walked past to accept an award, it wasn’t difficult to catch her pan up and down that bass.

jennifer lopez billboard music awards 2015 hi
Judgey-Mcjudgerpats Lopez made the Billboard Music Awards kind of awesome.

2.) Harry Styles of One Direction… grabbed another band members junk after a  win. I did not make this up. I am not a 1D fan, therefore I don’t know who he got a handful of – but watch for yourself.

I’m sure it was just good ol’ playful fun…I mean, a lot of guys grab each other’s balls, right?

harry styles one direction whoa

3.)  Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea performed, “Pretty Girls” & when all was said and done, I was just really happy to see Britney looking like Britney & dancing her booty off.

britney spears iggy bbma 2015
Remember when she performed at the MTV Video Awards and she was falling all over the place? This was at least 8 times better than that. Go Britney.

4.) Taylor Swift. Duh. How does she manage to take over everything?

taylor swift billboard music awards 2015 friend gif

Hey Tay, We don’t have time to wait for you to walk too far when accepting awards tonight – you’re okay with sitting front & center, right?

She seems to be everybody’s best friend, every single one of her acceptance speeches got more and more perfect as they kept coming & I think my husband found her attractive for the first time ever…

2015 Billboard Music Awards Taylor Swift
5.) Can we just stop with Kanye already? It was super nice of his sister-in-laws to introduce and let everyone know that he’s now a “doctor”…but I seriously have to believe that not many people would actually call him Doctor West. At some point can we just cease these shenanigans? Who enjoyed his performance?

Kanye West BBMA 2015 Performance
I watched the unedited version online & to be honest: I preferred the silent version more. He was obviously upset with the lighting also, because he started jumping around like a lunatic and all I kept hearing in my head while the TV was mute was:


Terrible way to close out the show ya moron.

But, I mean… at least Taylor & Jlo were there.