Debt Collectors VS. Debtor-Friendly Society

Collecting debt is basically all I have done since high school; after one customer service position – I realized it was not for me. It takes someone with thick skin to walk out the door at the end of each day with their head held high, when you collect debt for a living. The names I’ve been called would make my grandmother blush. The amount of times I’ve had phones slammed down in my ear… might be in the millions. Countless times people’s anger has been taken out on me...& I’m one of the nice ones.

The debtor-friendly society we live in has enabled a lousy character for people in my profession. The reputation a bill collector hangs over their head is, most times, exaggerated to say the least. I’ve been surrounded by bill collectors my entire adult life, they’re fairly pleasant people just trying to make a living.

They’re not monsters. They’re not holding a personal grudge against the person they are calling. They are doing their job.

Regardless whether the debt was incurred due to irresponsibility, an accident or even something completely out of the debtor’s control… It should be paid. Services were rendered, products were sold and whoever supplied the goods – deserves at the very least – to have the debt acknowledged.

Since being promoted to Business Development Coordinator at the small agency I work for, it has become even more apparent just how much our culture caters to individuals who don’t take care of their debts. While trying to research strategies for sales and marketing, I’m bombarded by tips & tricks to help get out of paying debt. A plethora of printable form letters to cease collection agencies from contacting you.

Information available to assist collection agencies is limited. Why is that? Would it not be more beneficial as a society to work on getting these delinquent debts paid instead of helping people flat-out avoid their obligations?

[There’s an upside to this…us in the industry, we have something called “job security”.]