I Have A Girl Crush On Miley Cyrus

Happy Hippie Foundation Miley Cyrus

Girl Crush Definition

[As a 30 year old I do not typically use that phrase – but it seemed appropriate]

I’m offended when I read an article or listen to people spewing their uneducated opinions on Miley Cyrus.

She’s not crazy. She knows exactly what she’s doing. 

I got your back, girl.

It all started one day on the treadmill… the remote was out of reach and, Miley: The Movement on MTV was forced upon me. I wasn’t thrilled, but it was better than silence reminding me that I can’t run and breathe at the same time. I was legit bummed out when it was over… and the girl crush began.

I don’t want to be perfect, but I do want to be a role model. My mom always tells me that imperfections equal beauty. All of us are imperfect. –Miley Cyrus

It’s obnoxious how quickly people cast a judgement on other human beings for being a free spirit – which is exactly what she is.

As a youngin’ she played a role for a television show and was quite good at being squeaky clean, Hannah Montana. The reason she was able to convince the general public that she was this character is because she’s talented. When the show ended and she explored her talents elsewhere and was able to express herself as MILEY – suddenly she an outta control crazy-pants.

Quick! Let’s all judge her! 

While a large number of people are trash-talking Miley Cyrus – she’s been a busy gal, doing a lot of not crazy things. Last I checked, there’s nothing insane or negative about supporting a cause you care about. She is an advocate along with a whole lotta other people who make up the Happy Hippie Foundation.

Happy Hippie Foundation Manifesto Miley CyrusThose are not the ramblings of someone who needs to enter rehab or is out of control. She is loving life, doing her & trying to help people along the way. She has the fame and resources to do something good & she’s doing it.

Why are more people not talking about that?

I’ll tell you. Because we’re a bunch of people who get pleasure from ripping up other peoples character without knowing what the hell we’re talking about and it’s disgusting.

You do not need to agree with her choices of attire, the way she does her hair, what she posts on social media or who she’s making out with. She doesn’t give a #uck if you do or not & more people should strive for that mindset.

She is a role model for doing what makes her happy. She’s a role model for promoting and bringing attention to a cause that means something to her. She’s a role model for other free spirits. Perhaps if more people looked into who Miley Cyrus is as a person – they’d begin to look outside their own boxes and become a bit of a free spirit themselves. She loves herself & I love her too.

Girl Crush Crazy.

Don’t be ignorant, look into it.

Writing Is Scary

“Be courageous and try to write in a way that scares you a little.” :Holley Gerth

You put your personal thoughts out there to be judged… and people are harsh.

Are people going to think I’m strange if I say this or that?  What if I want to say Fuck, sometimes it’s necessary, but I don’t want people to think less of me…

I didn’t start calling myself a writer until I stopped allowing other people’s opinions to affect the words I jot down. For every person who think’s I’m odd, bitchy, not politically correct enough or just flat out doesn’t like me, there are plenty more who are just as fucked up as I am & can appreciate what I have to say.

I’ve mentioned wanting to write a book one or two, possibly a thousand times. It’s obnoxiously similar to my, I-should-start-a-blog statements I was making years ago…and then I finally did it.

I finally feel ready for my next feat. The idea of writing a book is more intriguing than scary at this point. I have so many stories that have started to form, swirling around in my head…but none have gotten me excited enough to physically write it out, develop characters & an entire story line.

An idea I can’t shake has finally entered my busy brain & I’m ready to start my next challenge.

I don’t know how long it’ll take me & I do not care.

Seriously STFU: Ignorant Football Fans

There are two things I talk a lot about: ignorance & football. I was lucky enough This year they seemed to go hand in hand. Football players showed plenty of ignorance – entire organizations did the same.

What irritates me more are the normal, everyday people/fans who throw words like, Thug out there. The people who cast overall judgement while they sit back & simply absorb what the media chooses feeds to them.

That’s lazy.

“All I know is just what I read in the papers, and that’s an alibi for my ignorance.”
Will Rogers

I keep my mouth shut if I’m not confident contributing. If I must open my mouth, I ask questions; it’s a valuable habit to have. My favorite thing about having that ability is that I don’t come across as an idiot. Priorities.

Why didn’t this enter into my thought process at any point? I never put that together.

Can we just all talk about how talented these guys are?

Gosh, it sure is fun to watch Richard Sherman intercept a ball.

Gee, how amazing was that run Marshawn did last Sunday?

I’d love to participate in that conversation, but unfortunately there’s a group of people who want to judge actions that… let’s be honest:


[via: thesavvysista.com]
[via: thesavvysista.com]
Is Richard Sherman the only outspoken NFL player? Other players who passionately run their mouths, they don’t get talked about in the same manner as him. Is Mr. Sherman a bad person? Does it make him uneducated? Is he a thug?

Richard Sherman had a 4.2 grade-point average in high school. Received a football scholarship to Stanford, where he also ran track and earned a degree in communication. A DEGREE IN COMMUNICATION.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with his manner or choice of communication on or off the field. I do expect people, especially football fans to know what they’re talking about if they’re choosing to harshly judge someone.

[via: examiner.com]
[via: examiner.com]
As far as Marshawn Lynch goes… he explained last year why he doesn’t enjoy talking to the media. marshawn

[via: deadspin.com]

His one-answer press conferences weren’t intended to be amusing… initially. Of course, as time progressed and the media & a bunch of other people, had their way with it… I’m sure he’s having a great time with it now [and so I am].


Wednesday January 29, 2015 - Marshawn Lynch Media Day Statement
Wednesday January 29, 2015 – Marshawn Lynch Media Day Statement

[via: examiner.com]
[via: examiner.com]
Josh Gordon? What are your thoughts on him? He’s a drug addict. A bad person? A thug? I encourage you to read the open letter he wrote.

Dear Sir Charles, Stephen A., Cris and other interested parties

Most importantly, I have failed myself. Again.

But you know what, Charles, Stephen A., Cris and everyone else? I also have succeeded.

Truth is, I have not smoked marijuana since before I was drafted by the Browns in 2012 — and there are years’ worth of drug tests to prove it.

Josh Gordon Open Letter Medium

There are no rules or regulations when it comes to being ignorant. No one is directly punished for being uneducated and opinionated all at once… but they should be. The amount of resources available to research…whatever it is you want to be vocal about is fairly extensive. Utilize it. Don’t put your foot in your mouth by doing something stupid like calling Richard Sherman, Marshawn Lynch or Josh Gordon a thug.

Ignorance Is [NOT] Bliss


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See Ya Later, Ray Rice.

Ray Rice: None Of Us Have Any Idea  

By far my most popular… and when I say popular…I actually mean hated post…

Adrian Peterson Is Not A Child Abuser 

Adrian Peterson Barred From All Viking Team Activites

Adrian Peterson: Barred From All Viking Team Activities

I do not think Adrian Peterson is a child abuser & my opinion remains the same.

I woke up this morning and found out that the Minnesota Viking’s have banned Adrian Peterson from participating in any and all team activities & placed him on the exempt list while his legal woes are worked out.

This, coming after Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton released a statement calling Adrian Peterson’s actions, “a public embarrassment” to the Vikings and the state of Minnesota. I have to imagine Mr. Dayton is pretty upset over all of this considering the amount of money his state has invested in the new stadium – this can’t look good.

I’m so tired of the public jury, sponsors & ignorant people… playing judge. People continue to base their judgment on the shock value of one act of conduct. People so rapidly want to throw Adrian Peterson to the wolves & call him a child abuser – the public mob is out of control.

In my opinion, intent plays a role. If you believe that Adrian Peterson maliciously punished his child with a switch with the intent of nothing more than to abuse him (making him a child abuser) – that’s ignorant. His intent was to discipline him – and he went overboard. He has been honest & truthful about the event since it happened & agrees that the injury he caused was excessive.

I have never been punished with a switch, nor have I ever used one – but I’d like to meet the person who grew up in Texas who was & a mark was not left. Everyone is so tied up in the marks that were left on this little boy.  All over the place I see comments, “The pictures were FOUR DAYS LATER!!”  Flesh wounds develop over time – scabs form, bruises form… the amount of time that passed before the pictures were snapped don’t make them any more dramatic.

Shock Value – people love it.

For all we know, Adrian Peterson’s kid still views his dad as Superman. Who knows?!? You don’t. I don’t. Public Opinion it just black & white. This issue of phsyical discipline and child abuse in Texas is not black & white.

No one will convince me that Adrian Peterson is a child abuser.

If it is your own personal moral belief that physical discipline is wrong – that’s okay, you’re entitled to that. If Adrian Peterson believes in physical discipline… in Texas, where it is legal – he’s not a monster or a child abuser. He’s a dad who was disciplining his child how he saw fit – and took it too far unintentionally.

The real problem lies with the way the National Football League has been handling these situations. Just yesterday, I listened to Viking’s general manger, Rick Spielman and head coach, Mike Zimmer talk about how Adrian Peterson has a right to play football while the legal process plays out. Suddenly, sponsors start pulling out because of the public opinion & shock value… and suddenly Adrian isn’t allowed to participate in any team activity.

Money, Money, Money.

I took a similar stance regarding Ray Rice. He sat down with coaches & NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell shortly after it happened. He flat out said he punched Janay Rice in the face in that elevator – Goodell handed down a 2 game suspension. What happened after the video came out and there was public outcry?

These athletes are not in the right in their actions but they don’t deserve to be lynched and discarded as monsters by the public court of opinion. I want to know how many people who are calling Adrian Peterson a child abuser have educated themselves on the details behind it all. If you did…guess what? You still don’t know half of it… none of us do. We were not there, we don’t know the situations or actions that led up to anything. It’s not our right to play judge.

Observation Vs. Judgement

photo prompt Plant in Van Flower

I sit up for the first time & fully soak in my surroundings.

The sun shines above me.

For a little flower – here will do just fine.

I like the shade & protection; safety.

How lucky I am to have been provided this space to call mine.

Thank you, Mother [Nature].

Time passes and occasionally

I see appalled eyes shift in my direction with dismay.

More time judging & Less time observing.

Why can’t they see what I see?

Time passes and occasionally

I see intrigued eyes look with wonder; some even appreciate me.

More time observing & Less time judging.

photo prompt Plant in Van Flower
Copyright-Roger Bultot

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