Umar Has It

Adele, Rumor Has It came on the radio this morning.

Favorite Thing #492: Hearing a song that prompts memories I forgot all about.

I’ve never held back when it comes to belting out songs in the car… and that certainly did not change after I had my little man-monster.

When my now 8 year old, was younger we were having a jam session to Adele

[oxymoron, kinda]… 

When it was over he innocently asked me:

Mama…what do you think Umar has?’

All along, he thought we were singing Umar has it. 


I’m not one for ending fun conversations, so I played along for a while; we went over the plethora of possibilities of things that Umar might have.

Cinnamon Rolls, Trucks, A tummy ache, Legos, Books, An awesome mom……………

The list went on for quite some time.