Dear Travis Alexander

Dear Travis Alexander,

You have no idea who I am, however, I know all about you. I guarantee your family wishes I had no clue. I shouldn’t know who you are and what your personal life was like. I shouldn’t have the ability to read e-mails & text messages you sent with no intention of being read aloud to an audience and used against you.

Gosh, if only you could be a fly on the wall… feasibly, maybe you are?

Your murder shouldn’t be plastered all over national news as a form of entertainment & curiosity.

Regrettably I inform you that I can’t look away.

I can’t look away from your siblings tortured eyes as they have sat and waited for your death to be punished for years. I can’t look away from Jodi’s evil eyes & twisted smirk. I can’t look away from Juan Martinez as he pushes and fights for you. I can’t look away from the defense counsel, as they reach and grab for their next outlandish excuse.

You may not have been as holey as your religion wanted you to be; that’s okay. You loved yourself some ladies & that’s okay. There were people you were close to that didn’t know all of your secrets & ya know what?…That’s okay too.

You were human & that is not a defensive strategy for murder.

Nothing could ever justify the cruel, devilish way you were forced to leave earth. No magic can bring you back to your family & friends. The love and support your family has for each other and you shines much brighter than any words Jodi or her team can muster up.

There have been obscene delays & blows to your character. The number of distasteful allegations are something Jodi & her team should be embarrassed of. The odds are not in her favor, of that I’m sure. God works in mysterious ways; karma works abstrusely.

Jodi Arias will get her hell. Maybe in the form of the death penalty sentence everyone has been waiting for. If not, I hope that your family & loved ones can gain some peace in the sheer fact that this circus of a trial is over.

Your soul continues to shine. There is no evil strong enough to take that.

With Love,


The dead cannot cry out for justice. It is a duty of the living to do so for them.

-Lois McMaster Bujold

Seriously, STFU: An Open Letter To Justin Ross Harris

Dear Justin Ross Harris,

The day your sad story erupted all over the news, I had a conversation with a friend of mine. We discussed how we felt bad for you. We talked about what your wife must be going through. The two of us considered different scenarios that could possibly explain how you might forget your child is in the backseat.


And then the facts started rolling in.

It’s normal routine for you to drop Cooper off at daycare in the morning. It would have actually been abnormal for you to not drop him off. Did you have a lot on your mind that morning? Perhaps you were looking forward to such a productive day at work. Trying to keep the multiple women (& one teenager) all straight that you were going to have the pleasure of talking to & exchanging gross pictures of yourself with all day…Phew… That sounds exhausting.

I’m confident when I say that your tiny warped brain can only take on so much information at a time, but where does that place Cooper on your priority list? ….Number 8, at best? Anyone whose child is number 8 on their priority list doesn’t deserve to have their children.

You took him out for breakfast at Chick-fil-A that morning. I can’t help but wonder if that made you feel better; I don’t even want to know. This… bothers me more than anything else.How did you remove yourself from your child in a way that you knowingly provided your healthy, happy child his last meal? That is sick.

You are a monster. 

The Chick-fil-A you took him to and your place of employment are less than a mile away from each other. You honestly want people to believe that you forgot your son was in the backseat in less than a minute? That’s the most RIDICULOUS thing I have ever heard. Do you think the men and women of your jury will be as stupid as you? That’s insulting.

I read that days before you murdered your son, you watched plenty of videos online that showed people taking their last breaths of life. You told your wife He looked peaceful with his eyes closed…& that you dreaded how he would look. What the hello is wrong with you.

There’s something that puzzles me…I know you are deaf in your right ear and everything and you’re attempting to somehow weave that into your terrible defensive strategy and all – but does that have any effect on your sense of smell? Without too much discussion here, because it makes me sick to my stomach…was there not a stench in your vehicle? Do you want people to believe….really….honestly believe that you didn’t smell anything out of the ordinary until a mile down the road?

I no longer feel bad for you, your wife is beginning to appear just as guilty & there is no possible scenario that points even slightly in the direction of innocence.

If I’m being honest, Justin…

I wish someone would put you in that same SUV your blessing of a child was in & let people watch you while you suffer. I would request that they strap you in, with straps that are clearly too tight for your size. Whoever wished could come watch you claw at your face & slam your head back hard enough to cause injury… the same way Cooper did. I want to you feel the pain, agony, panic & helplessness you put upon your own child. No other punishment would provide justice.

It was an accident?…………Seriously, STFU.

Rot In Hell,


PS…Karma is real. Sucker.

Anyone who would like to view the timeline of events for this case can do so Here