I Live in the Drunkest City in America

With more than 20,000 cities populating the United States, what are the odds that four out of the top ten drunkest cities in America are within 25 minutes of my home, while living in number one? Even if we go a bit further out, 11 out of the top 20 are in Wisconsin.

[Drunkest city in U.S.? It’s Appleton, Wis., report says]

I did not grow up here, I moved from Minnesota roughly seven years ago and while I still feel uneasy when people call the drinking fountain a bubbler, and I still want to slap the mouths that say Duck Duck Goose rather than, Duck Duck Grey Duck… I feel comfortable calling the Badger state my home.

So what is this list all about anyway?

The first time it perused across my screen I assumed it was a local survey of sorts, I mean, four out of ten cities I consider local, even spending significant amounts of time in each of them, it made sense. Knowing now that the gathered information consumes the entire country, I can’t help but laugh and everyone else around here seems to find this tidbit of national spotlight amusing right along with me.

I logged onto Facebook today and was instantly greeted by three variations of the story – one was the original, followed by two covers from the local news and radio stations and then the plethora of friends who shared the news with a bunch of laugh-cry emojis.

For the record, it is not that there is nothing else to do out here, it’s just normal to drink while doing everything.

Last year, trick or treating in Appleton, Wisconsin we stumbled across a couple in their late 20’s or early 30’s, with no children, pulling a wagon full of Busch Light. Parents walking over, laughing it up over their clever take on adult trick-or-treating. Does this kind of thing happen in Arizona or Connecticut? If I’m being honest, we already had some chocolate liqueur mixed with our hot chocolate for the trek through the neighborhood. Don’t judge us.

Now that I’ve seen this list, I’m beginning to think our normal, out here in drunksville, is not necessarily the norm for the occupants in the other 19,000+ cities. I’m being forced into these assumptions that people outside of Wisconsin who look at this list think we’re all a bunch of slurring, staggering morons. I’m stuck imagining people in Oregon and Utah right now, sipping their herbal tea or decaf coffee gossiping about how we must hate our lives to have so many heavy drinkers condensed in one common area…

…but most of us don’t.

Sure, there are people who can’t handle themselves or their alcohol consumption as well as the next Wisconsinite, but overall, it’s a way of life that everyone is simply accustomed to; call it a tolerance if you will. I could name at least five people in my life that would tell you, without hesitation, four or five drinks in a two-hour span of time is nothing. I imagine their look would scream: Yeah, and…?

Out here we have these restaurants called Supper Clubs, where people gladly wait over an hour for a table because they enjoy sipping on cocktails before dinner – that’s the whole point of coming. Even when there is no wait, a large chunk of individuals will belly up to the bar before taking a seat in the dining room only to find themselves back where they started for an after-dinner drink. Sometimes it’s a grasshopper, sometimes it’s coffee and Kahlua and sometimes it’s Jack on the rocks but it’s never considered abnormal.

Coming from Minnesota, where you can’t purchase any alcohol on Sundays and the rest of the week it’s sold only in liquor stores, you can imagine my face when I stopped into Walmart and saw a section full of alcoholic adult beverages. I felt like a rebel. You mean, I can just throw this 12 pack of Coors Light with my toilet paper, deodorant and greeting card… and be on my way?

You can buy booze at Walgreens.

Sick? Picking up a prescription for a nasty virus? No worries, you can throw in that bottle of brandy the doctor suggested under his breath; one stop shop.

I mean, if we’re being real though this list came from recent statistics the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism found on per capita alcohol consumption, which makes it a touch more sensitive.

Thankfully most of us have already passed the denial phase, if there even was one, we accept who we are. Wisconsin residents and I drink more than we should; good, bad or ugly… it’s the norm. Call it an excuse if you’d like, in Wisconsin, it’s a culture.


Ariana Grande: As #ucked Up As The Rest Of Us

The number of outlandish things I’ve done while hanging out with my friends in my younger days could maybe be comparable to the whole doughnut-licking debacle and even the, “I hate America” statement.

Originally, the plan was to list all the ridiculous, bitchy & off the wall things I’ve let spew out of my mouth, but the idea shifted after I started writing them out. I realized not only are they comparable, some could argue that they’re worse.

I’ve said some pretty #ucking crazy shit.

[via: giphy.com]
[via: giphy.com]
I understand there may be some exceptions [all you perfect people out there] but the vast majority of us have said awful, gross, degrading or just plain rude statements at some point in our lives – especially when we’re in the company of our friends: who are just as #ucked up as we are. To take it another step further – majority of the crap that’s said… we don’t really expect it to be taken to heart.

As a blogger, I have the luxury of choosing what to share and when…on my own terms. It’s something most of us average John & Jane’s are allowed to have on a day-to-day basis…

Isn’t privacy lovely? 

Never have I ever been famous or had people watch and share my every move, so I can’t relate to Ariana Grande’s life… at all. Something we do have in common however, is that we’re both human and humans have a tendency to be inappropriate.

[via: giphy.com]
[via: giphy.com]
Do I condone her licking a doughnut? No.

Do I think she really hates America? No.

Do I think her apology was a little… weird? Yes.

But c’mon… this does not need to be news or investigated.

Let’s all just move on and let her be a little bitch – like me and you.


The word has been getting an awful lot of attention lately


[To say that I’m a fan of Richard Sherman is an understatement]

Who is questioning whether it’s a racial slur? It’s simple; there are people who have voiced a distaste for the word, regardless if you want to call it a racial slur or not, it’s disrespectful.

I don’t appreciate being called a slut because I’m a female. There are white people who don’t like the word honky, either. Kid’s probably don’t like being called, little shits.


At some point, I hope society as a whole can grow the #uck up and realize that we’re all PEOPLE. All shapes, sizes, ages, colors & education levels make bad decisions & live in ways that functional members of society have to deal with. We [as mature adults] need to be held to a higher standard.

hln thug news

What are we teaching the younger generations when trying to decide if Thug is a racial slur or not makes NATIONAL NEWS? If anything is ever going to change, we’re going to have to work together as one big society of people and come to a solution that trumps name calling. I’ve been outspoken in regards to the Baltimore Riots and the medias coverage of it. Things are not being shown because every outlet wants to give it’s viewers the most dramatic story & now we’re focusing on a word?

[29 Moments That Show Another Side Of The Baltimore Riots]

I may be naive or disgustingly optimistic, but I refuse to believe there are more bad than good people in this country. The bad, unfortunately, just seem to get more attention.

ALERT: People Aren’t Using All Their Government Grocery Allowances.

foodshare wisconsin fox11 investigates properly ridiculous

I was expecting something better than, People Aren’t Using All Their Government Grocery Allowances when I clicked on that link.

I’m not suggesting it’s not bogus that people’s food stamp balances exceed $10,000 – but I have to imagine that’s pretty few and far between & the most extreme of cases. Abuse of the system happens regularly and it’s rarely investigated – just griped about.

People sell their food stamp funds for cash at 50%.  I know someone who intentionally didn’t pay an electric bill because once the disconnection notice arrived, it could be brought down to the county office for some “help”. People have their hours reduced at work, so they can receive more government benefits.

What happened to doing what you have to do? …Making it work?

I’m thankful that I live in a country that offers assistance to people who need help. I’ve received help. When I no longer needed it, I walked into my son’s school with a check for his lunch account. I was told to keep it & it was clear they weren’t able to wrap their heads around the idea that I wanted to pay for my son’s lunches.

PRIDE / A feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements.

It was explained to me, they’d rather have my son continue to receive free lunches for the rest of the year for statistical, grant & money purposes…

This [Foodshare] is supposed to be a “need-based program. And if those benefits are going unused, certainly, in the large amounts you had shown me last year, really creates concerns that the program isn’t functioning as it was intended.

-State Rep. Andre Jacque (R-De Pere) [Wisconsin]

Excuse me, Mr Jacque? The program isn’t functioning as intended…& the people who are hoarding the funds are a small piece of the pie. The claim that Foodshare is a Need-Based program is laughable. There’s no way to stop the vast array of ways people abuse the system, but I have an idea.

Why not make it more difficult to get hand outs? 

For the record, I do not say hand-outs negatively; that’s what they are. Free stuff to those in need; to be used as a last resort.

If every option has been explored [and then some] & assistance from an organization or the government is needed, for lack of better terms, people should be willing to jump through a few hoops… while still being grateful at the end of the process.

The people who feel entitled to welfare, and other programs will continue to feel that way until it’s no longer convenient.

Fox 11, perhaps you should investigate that.

Technology: The Best/Worst Thing

I am grateful my child has a wealth of knowledge at his fingertips.

It worries me that my son has a wealth of knowledge at his fingertips.

I am grateful I can record my favorite shows & watch them later.

It worries me that my family watches way too much TV.

I am grateful that I can get ahold of my husband whenever I need and/or want.

It worries me how unhealthy relationships can become based on instant communication.

I am grateful I have the ability to Skype with my loved ones.

It worries me that bad people will try and Skype with our children.

I am grateful I can educate myself with a webinar, comfortably in my office.

It worries me that we’re replacing real conversation with convenience.

I am grateful I can pretend to be a photographer with my telephone.

It worries me that people are so obsessed with taking pictures of themselves on their telephones.

I am grateful we can shoot a quick text, instead of make a call.

It worries me that we won’t make a simple phone call.

I am grateful for the speed at which important news can travel.

It worries me that any Joe, John or Jane can spread “news” as they please.