I’m funny…[I think].

I’ve always basked in my ability to be clever. Watching expressions when I say something a little, or a lot off the wall… you could call it a form of entertainment if you’d like. I was invited to participate in the first annual Funny Blog Friday BlogHop & it was confirmed…

someone thinks I’m funny & now there’s a whole ridiculous bunch of us that are going to make your Fridays extra awesome.

fbf-3 (1)

You’re welcome…We’re all happy to be here for you.
(Disclaimer: I do not have permission to speak on anyone’s behalf)

To make this dealio more enticing – we’re all offering Giveaways! Each blogger participating will be listed at the end of this post – with their individual giveaways and instructions to enter in their own space of the intraweb – I’ll provide you the links.

What’s your giveaway, Jen?
(Now I’m speaking for you…)

Ben (another blog-hopper) suggested that I giveaway an autographed picture of myself. Initially, I didn’t think the idea was awful; this is the picture I considered:

second grade jen

I mean… who can’t appreciate a pink-tasseled-heart-sweater & massive chompers? It’s funny…[I think].

In typical Jen-Fashion I became analytic to a fault & for a multitude of reasons I decided it was weird for me to giveaway a 2nd grade picture of myself. I wonder what would happen to it if I actually mailed it out to the “winner”.  Could they even really call themselves that? Congrats…?


So, anyway…you’re going to have to get through my Friday Funnies before I tell you what I’m giving away.

I suppose you could skip it, and just move on to the end…but I’m asking you nicely to just give it a chance…if you don’t like it: proceed. I hope you like my giveaway…even if you don’t think I’m funny.

Costumes might seem like an obvious topic for today. (Happy Halloween!)…but, I’m going to run with it – cliche or not. The thing is, up until a child is a certain age, parents have the ability to dress their kids in whatever they want them to be for Halloween. That’s some real power; some parents embrace it & some parents are stupid…I don’t think I need to elaborate. 


…I feel like I am able to see this kid’s parents. Who raises a child who thinks that this costume is that funny? That’s an odd, obnoxious family right there. Ridiculous.


But, funny. It’s not like the parents are forcing the kiddos to include actual meth in their costumes – and I’m assuming that any parent that is going to go to these measures to make their children look like Mr. White & Jesse… aren’t lazy or stupid. Their kids have no clue what they are…but they know everyone likes it & that… is what’s important. Right? 


I’m going to be honest – I’m not sure if this is a costume for Halloween or for a pageant of sorts… maybe? Isn’t it gross that’s even in the realm of possibilities? Ew.

I love Pretty Woman…along with the rest of my adult female friends – who the hello dresses their daughter up like a hooker? You can’t even play if off as anything even slightly more socially acceptable; everyone knows exactly who that hooker is. Someone call CPS.


…The obvious is first that this litte girl is dressed up as a topless mermaid. As if that’s not bad enough…that sir, behind her has a shirt on that says, “Mermaid Assistant”. I have nothing more to say about this.

I’m going to end on a non-creepy note…


Could these kids look anymore like the cast of Jersey Shore?…Yet, they are fully clothed & adorable. Way to go ‘rents!

all photos via: http://goo.gl/Xs8ANO
….If you skipped to the giveaway part of the post – you’ve found it.  

Since I decided against the photo… (you’re welcome) I’m offering a chance to win $50.00 towards your purchase of a Jersey Sweater

jersey sweaters

If you don’t see your favorite team…you can request a knit…pretty nice of them, eh?

If you don’t have a favorite football team, head over to Onside Chick where the ladies can help you figure that out… [aka: Get It Together].

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Giveaway Entries will be accepted until 12:00PM CST Sunday November 7th & the winner will be announced on Properly Ridiculous at 5:00PM CST that day.

Now…not to be bossy – but check out this ridiculous bunch of bloggers & their giveaways.

Happy Friday.

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[…we’ll be attempting to make every Friday funny on Twitter with the Hashtags: #FBF and #FunnyBlogFriday]

via: giphy.com
via: giphy.com

Onside Chick: Vikings Vs. Packers Prediction

The last time the Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers dueled, it ended in a 26-26 tie. Prediction: That will not happen again… 

Offensively Speaking…

The Minnesota Vikings have a lot to be excited about after Sunday’s win against the Falcons.  Rookie QB, Teddy Bridgewater threw for 317 yards and ran five times for 27 more. His calm demeanor and mature movement in the pocket, certainly doesn’t scream, Rookie! 

Teddy Bridgewater
via: espn

As good of a game as it was for the Vikings on Sunday – Let’s not forget that the Green Bay Packers are 7-1-1 in their last nine games against the Vikings at home &… they do not need stellar performances by a rookie quarterback to get their fans excited; they have Aaron Rogers – who recently told fans:

R-E-L-A-X…He’s got this.

Aaron Rogers
via: espn

Since Adrian Peterson has been out dealing with his legal woes, Viking running backs Matt Asiata and Jerick McKinnon have had a good run… (pun intended).  McKinnon exploded out of the backfield for 135 yards last week and Asiata added three rushing touchdowns against the Falcons. This week, these two get to go against the less than stellar Green Bay defense – who has given up 175 yards on the ground… per game.

matt-asiata-teddy-bridgewater-nfl-atlanta-falcons-minnesota-vikings fansided com
via: fansided.com

Packers running back, Eddie Lacy rushed into the end-zone for the first time this year securing 1 out of the 4 touchdowns Green Bay scored against the Chicago Bears last Sunday.  It’s safe to say, Green Bay may not a running team… but they don’t need to be to get a win.

via: blacksportsonline.com
via: blacksportsonline.com

Because, the Packers have him & Jordy Nelson… & Randall Cobb.

Defensively Speaking…

The Minnesota Viking’s overall #1 pick, Linebacker Anthony Barr seems to know what he’s doing with 2 sacks so far & Free Safety, Harrison Smith made his intentions clear in the 4th quarter against the Falcons by sealing the the Viking’s win with an interception.

via: zimbio.com
via: zimbio.com

The Packers defense has struggled this season, but they managed to hold their own against the typically high scoring Bears offense last week. The packers have key players on their defense like Clay Matthews who intercepted Jay Cutler & Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix who had 5 tackles, all on his own last week.

via: sportingnews.com
via: sportingnews.com

It pains me to say this as a Minnesota Viking Fan…but, I have to be honest. The combination of playing at Lambeau Field & Teddy’s minor ankle setback… I can not sit here and say I think The Vikings will come out victorious.

Green Bay Packers:  34
Minnesota Vikings: 27

I’m expecting Mr. Rogers to sling the ball & connect a few times. I mean, obviously…

I think Mr. Bridgewater’s game will be less smooth than his game against the Falcons. If he can stay as collected as last week & the offensive line continues to protect him though…

Who knows?


One more prediction…

via: allgbp.com
via: allgbp.com

We will see this.

Fun Fact: The Packers–Vikings rivalry is noted for being very balanced. In the first 97 meetings, the total offensive yardage, points scored, wins, turnovers, and time of possession are all within 5% of each other; these are the closest margins for a rivalry longer than 15 years. 

ONSIDE CHICK is over HERE to fulfill all your football needs!

…We will provide weekly updates on all teams, fantasy tips, and lessons for all you ladies who want to learn the play book…

Easy Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers – You’re Welcome.

Football & Food – two of my favorite F words.

I have zero intention of providing a silly story, or lengthy endorsement for Jalapeno Poppers.

My goal is to get these on your grill next Sunday simply because I think they’re delicious.

Things You Need: Jalapenos, Cream Cheese, Shredded Cheese, Seasonings & Bacon


In a bowl – mix together Cream Cheese, Shredded Cheese & Seasonings.

Tip: The Cream Cheese will be much easier to mix up if you let it sit out and soften a bit.

Any Shredded Cheese will do, I prefer Pepper Jack with Sharp Cheddar coming in a close second. As little or as much as you want…I put about a cup in.

Cream Cheese – I used 8oz with 4 Big Jalapenos & there was some filling left over.

Just make more…you won’t be upset about it.

Any Seasonings of your choice – throw in there. As much as you want – or don’t want.


I like to use Onion Powder, Cracked Black Pepper (Lots), Garlic Powder (Lots) & Trader Joe’s South African Smoke Seasoning.

If all you have is Allspice, throw it in there & move on…

Slice the jalapenos & dig out the seeds and insides with a spoon.


DO NOT touch your eyes after handling the peppers…bad news. 

If you want to make them go further – cut the pepper in half and fill; it can be wrap the same way you would the whole pepper.

It will taste the same regardless of how you cut the pepper.

This………...stuffed peppers

Plus This…...bacon from local butcher shop

Equals This…wrapped uncooked

In case that equation didn’t make sense to you…

  Wrap the bacon around the pepper & secure them with colorful toothpicks. (Non-Colorful Toothpicks Will Also Work).

I prefer to use bacon from my local butcher shop…but I’ve used Turkey Bacon & Oscar Meyer….of course, it’s all good.

Toss them on your grill…I prefer charcoal. Some of the cream cheese may bubble out …no biggie because I’m sure you you filled them enough.

(I’m telling you to be generous).



Done Grilled

Writing Calendar, Writing Opportunities & Writing Madness

When I made the decision to start a blog…I’ll be honest… I had no clue what “blogging” all entailed. I jumped in very uneducated but with an open mind. I thought, I have some things to say – and I believe some people might agree with me & who knows?… Maybe people could enjoy it, even if they don’t. I’ve written before about how awesome this whole community is. I’ve made amazing friendships, I’ve challenged myself to try new styles of writing & been given a pretty awesome opportunity. 

Which brings me here…

I’m so excited to share that I have been asked to be the Minnesota Vikings writer for the website, Onside Chick. Football season is quickly approaching – and I couldn’t be anymore ready for it. I will be contributing to the website by writing Minnesota Viking’s game recaps & game predictions for my men in purple. My first article, about the new Minnesota Vikings Stadium was posted last week & I’m feeling [unusually] proud of myself. I’m super stoked to be part of a group of girls who love football. This website is a place where ladies (or men…I suppose) can go if they want to learn more about the game, get weekly updates on any team, player injury updates, receive some fantasy football tips….you get the idea. Go check ‘er out!

In other news… I discovered Google Docs this week. Why have I never explored this before?! Why has no one told me to peek in there and see what it’s all about? If I had to place the blame somewhere, I guess I’d put it on Google+. I do not know a single person who utilizes Google+ & I’m assuming I’ve just been throwing all the other Google “apps” in with it. Outta sight – outta mind.

So, anyway… Google Docs.

I found a pretty spectacular Blogging Calendar Template. It pretty much looks exactly like what I’ve been trying to come up with on my own for the past month. Literally, I just clicked “open” …and there it was. A fully completed editorial calendar (even nicely colored)…ready for my ideas to fill the spaces. I’m a bit annoyed it took this long – but I’m happy to say that I officially have a schedule for my writing & I’d like to share it with you…not so much because I know you’re just dying to know, but more so to hold myself accountable. 



I tend to be a bit more bitter on Mondays (as most people do)…in honor of that bitterness I’ve decided that I am going to dedicate this day to Seriously, STFU. If you’d like to check out past, STFU Posts…

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I’m a mom & I think I’m a pretty good one. My son is a 7 year old redheaded spitfire who gives me things to write about for days. If you’d like to check out past parenthood posts…

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I’m sticking with my Hump Day Humor. Hump Day is a day to celebrate and be happy that we’ve almost made it through another week.  If You’d like to check out past, Hump Day Humor Posts…

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Did you know that I love football? I wasn’t sure if I’d mentioned that yet…I do not only love my Minnesota Vikings – but the entire NFL as a whole makes my world go round. My blog would not be complete without a day dedicated to the sport. I plan to provide you with some lovely NFL Goodness. If you’d like to check out past NFL Goodness Posts…

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My last Hump Day Humor focused on me hopping back onto my healthy train. I’ve been working out daily, tracking my grub on My Fitness Pal (which is a spectacular resource by the way…) & I’m going to dedicate Fridays to #FridayFitness. I’m by no means a health nut, nor do I claim to always make the healthiest choices. I’m just a working mama trying to stick around as long as possible… 

Saturdays & Sundays


The weekend will be for nothing but pure randomness. I’ve been dabbling in some creative writing, short stories, poetry…and sometimes I just have some opinions that don’t fit here or there. 

I want to make sure I am prepared for this writing schedule, so I plan to go live with it Monday July 21, 2014. Drafts are being written and I’m starting to feel like a real blogger.

…fancy that.