H is for Handwriting


I wonder how long it would have taken me to transfer my thoughts onto that piece of paper if my native tongue was Chinese. I mean, those symbols are pretty complex – do some people add their own flair? We can add hearts or stars on top of our lower case i’s and we all still know what letter it is; we can customize our alphabet!

In school we learn the proper way to write each letter and once we feel safe and confident we’ll start connecting the tops of our fours – and refuse to make every ‘r’ lower-case [see above]. Some people actually don’t care at all how their freehand writing looks, or maybe they do but the effort to make it legible is just too great. Who knows? 

Know what’s annoying? Starting off a fresh piece of paper with intentions of making the most beautifully written grocery list ever created, only to have it end up looking like pure shit; I hate that. The first few lines are perfect, you take your time and are careful to space out the items in case you need to add something…

…And when all is said and done? Might as well have done this:


via: visualsforchange.com

One last thing…

…Maybe it’s a girl thing, in fact, I’m confident it is. We all have or had that one friend with the best handwriting. How does she do it? It’s like a God damn font from the computer. For me, that friend was Emily Thompson and in middle school I always wondered if she was aware of it. I wish my writing looked like that, is something every girl has said to herself at least once; what a weird thing to envy.


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