PR Monday Memes: Let’s Get Political


And this is my life now…

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Thank you, Sanjana… you win.

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is trump ok lmao ~n

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Justifications are usually pretty silly…

Hey Stranger…

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LOL, call 'em!

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‘Merica and Jeebus!

One of those gosh darn rabbit holes.

Favorite one of the day…

So, if you’d like to discuss any of this further, $30/Hour is also my going rate.


Hillary Has Jokes For Days

When did Hillary get so funny?

Anyone who knows me, or has read my political rants, is well aware that I am no fan of the woman. Maybe though (a hard maybe), if she was this hilarious on the campaign trail a few more people would have taken more of a liking to her. I enjoy a good dose of sarcasm and shade… this whole Covfefe thing has really brought out the best in the woman.

And not just once…



So, yeah… I’ve been trying to be more positive lately and here’s my go at it for the day. Hillary, you made me laugh and for that – I do not dislike you (today).