I’m kinda sick of pregnancy time lapse videos..

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I’m kinda sick of time lapse videos..(or really anything-of-the-sort) of growing pregnant bellies.

Yep. It’s cute.

Disclaimer: I know that none of the pictures in this post really represent the ACTUAL topic. I don't know, but...I hope you find them as ridiculous as I do. I found them Here.
Her Hair Looks Really Nice.
Super Cute. I Do Think Her Hair Looks Nice.

The first time-lapse video thing I saw, I watched a few times in a row; recommended it to friends even.

Then, there was this one…

So now I’ve seen it…repetitively…and it all looks like the same change of hair and shape over & over…& over.

Ding Dong.
Ding Dong.
Not Creepy At All...Not even a little.
Not at all weird or creepy.

I don’t like that I feel obligated to watch them every time they cruise past my social-media-of-choice newsfeed because…well, they’re obviously, delightful & pretty awesome human beings for doing something like that.

Reminder: The photos are only an added bonus - I am talking about the time lapse videos.

I’m not making fun of anyone who did it… wants to do it… plans to do it…or is in the process of doing it.

To be honest, I wish I would have done something of the sort.

…It wouldn’t have been the same though, I was way more house shaped while pregnant. Perhaps that’s why I’m just kinda over seeing all the annoyingly cute-skinny pregnant everyone else do it.

Ya know?