Disclaimer: Explicit Language – Because Someone Grabbed My P****.

Maybe he didn’t grab it. Perhaps it was more of a slap. I don’t know, and to be frank I have no obligation to explain details – he put his hand on my private parts, end of story. It doesn’t matter how, when, why, where or what the specifics were that day. What does matter, to me anyway, is that I call him out publicly, in hopes that he stops being such a goddamn creep.
I’ll tell you the whole story, but first I want to let other people know, if you’ve been disrespected, or sexually harassed – stand your ground. The humiliation does not lie on you. Maybe it doesn’t seem significant enough but at the very least… call them out. Spread the word, because shame on them, not us.
So anyway, I went to a bar to celebrate my friend’s birthday and a guy took it upon himself to grab my crotch, unprovoked and absolutely uninvited. He legit, Donald-Trump-Pussy-Grabbed me. This man was, and is not a stranger but he’s certainly not a friend. I’d maybe call him an acquaintance if he wasn’t such a douchebag, and if that term didn’t sound a little friendly. Unfortunately, our lives seem to cross paths about once a week, so I was less than surprised when he was also there to celebrate.
I was walking towards the bathroom when the birthday girl and crotch-grabber started walking in my direction, excited because they had just won some money on the gambling machine. Happy for her, who shouldn’t win on their birthday? I hugged her, not paying much attention to the guy at the center of the story. This is when it happened. I felt it, grasped my friend’s face and with wide eyes exclaimed:..
Yes, I am a lady, and sometimes ladies use that word also. Especially when the situation calls for more serious vocabulary, of the colorful variety.
I walked away, shocked, passing another friend and without hesitation I told her too. I did not, and still do not care who knows. I have no interest in protecting him and ideally he’d be as embarrassed as humanly possible.
giphy (1)
So, here we are.
After I exited the bathroom he approached me, and hold onto your shorts folks because you’ll never guess what he said to me. He did not apologize, rather told me that I need to simmer down. Me. Simmer down. I am not typically one to have a filter, and looking back now I’m disgustingly surprised that I did not lose my shit on him right then and there. I was so offended that I simply walked away.
Then, after already taking it upon himself to make my body his entertainment, and after his snarky attitude followed… he had the audacity to approach me yet again.
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He rested his elbow on my shoulder, I looked up at him and plainly stated: My husband will kill you. His response? “Are you threatening me?” If you didn’t stress that statement with a solid douchebag accent, feel free to re-read it. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, while all of this is taking place my husband is at the event with me. That takes balls, his confidence is astounding.
I don’t know if he’s stupid enough to believe women, married women at that, are into grotesque social graces such as those or if he’s simply just a tasteless little boy with a lack of morals. Either way, it doesn’t matter. I’m not impressed, and sincerely hope he finds himself reading this and feels even the most mild sense of shame.
This happened three month ago. Initially I kept this from my husband because 1.) I didn’t want him to go to jail and 2.) I didn’t want to put myself, or my man in a position where he’d have to ask me – Why would he think it’s okay to do that? It’s a fair question. Why did Creeper McCreeperston feel like that was okay? What gives someone that caliber of entitlement? I have no answers, but secrets out. Now everyone knows.
So to you: you know who you are, you know that other people know who you are. I’m hoping that since I got this off my chest I can finally start doing what you asked and simmer down. None of the questions I asked here require an answer, you’re not worth my time. I’m not threatening you, but politely warning: don’t talk to me, don’t look at me, and keep your fucking hands off me. Don’t offer to put my drink on your tab, and stop pretending that we’re friends. To me, you’re nothing more than a disgusting bar rat. 
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Gun Control. There, I said it.

We’re America, bitches. Let’s get our shit together. What the hell is wrong with us that there have been more mass shootings in our country this year, than there have been days.

Let that sink in for a second…

Yet, here we are basically saying there is nothing we can do about it. I read an article from The Onion this morning… ya know, the parody news people? It made more sense to me than anything else I’ve read regarding our current situation as a nation. Rather anything actually be done, let’s all sit around and debate about gun control and conspiracy theories.



Vaguely speaking, that seems to sum up the most passionate two sides of Gun Control. I’m not an expert – I probably haven’t even done enough research to form a solid opinion, but what’s the point anyway? Me, Joe & Jane are sitting around a table, bitching our points at each other the same way the government’s two sides are. I go home, go to bed and I’m still fucking scared to go to a movie. I’m scared to go to an NFL game. I’m scared to LEAVE MY FUCKING HOUSE.

Don’t let fear rule your life.

Another thing we’re told. I like the ambitious, positive intention behind those words – but let’s get real. People are shooting people, everywhere... and we, as a nation seem to have accepted the, “If people want to kill – they’ll find a way” reasoning. I may be naive to state something so obvious, but there certainly seems to be a favorite way of doing that recently. Is there not an ease and convenience that comes with a gun, an assault riffle at that?  

I don’t want to be schooled on gun laws, rights and all that shit; I don’t need anyone sending me an e-mail justifying their right to bear arms.

I’m just sayin, It would be a lot more work to plan on killing a lot of people, as fast as possible before getting caught – without guns.

I’m not sure where I stand on Gun Control. I don’t fucking care, to be honest – take all the guns. Make stricter laws. Let specific badass people keep them after passing a badassery/honesty test… I don’t know what the answer is…

But, can we get on a solution here, people? Agree to disagree – find some common ground…but do something.

ALERT: People Aren’t Using All Their Government Grocery Allowances.

foodshare wisconsin fox11 investigates properly ridiculous

I was expecting something better than, People Aren’t Using All Their Government Grocery Allowances when I clicked on that link.

I’m not suggesting it’s not bogus that people’s food stamp balances exceed $10,000 – but I have to imagine that’s pretty few and far between & the most extreme of cases. Abuse of the system happens regularly and it’s rarely investigated – just griped about.

People sell their food stamp funds for cash at 50%.  I know someone who intentionally didn’t pay an electric bill because once the disconnection notice arrived, it could be brought down to the county office for some “help”. People have their hours reduced at work, so they can receive more government benefits.

What happened to doing what you have to do? …Making it work?

I’m thankful that I live in a country that offers assistance to people who need help. I’ve received help. When I no longer needed it, I walked into my son’s school with a check for his lunch account. I was told to keep it & it was clear they weren’t able to wrap their heads around the idea that I wanted to pay for my son’s lunches.

PRIDE / A feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements.

It was explained to me, they’d rather have my son continue to receive free lunches for the rest of the year for statistical, grant & money purposes…

This [Foodshare] is supposed to be a “need-based program. And if those benefits are going unused, certainly, in the large amounts you had shown me last year, really creates concerns that the program isn’t functioning as it was intended.

-State Rep. Andre Jacque (R-De Pere) [Wisconsin]

Excuse me, Mr Jacque? The program isn’t functioning as intended…& the people who are hoarding the funds are a small piece of the pie. The claim that Foodshare is a Need-Based program is laughable. There’s no way to stop the vast array of ways people abuse the system, but I have an idea.

Why not make it more difficult to get hand outs? 

For the record, I do not say hand-outs negatively; that’s what they are. Free stuff to those in need; to be used as a last resort.

If every option has been explored [and then some] & assistance from an organization or the government is needed, for lack of better terms, people should be willing to jump through a few hoops… while still being grateful at the end of the process.

The people who feel entitled to welfare, and other programs will continue to feel that way until it’s no longer convenient.

Fox 11, perhaps you should investigate that.

Ignorance is [not] bliss

“Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson, Emerson in His Journals

My opinion holds no more value than yours, the homeless man’s on the corner…or the bitch at the hair salon. Thankfully we live in a society where that’s allowed, at least it’s supposed to be. Recently, I’ve noticed there’s an abundance of people who think their opinion is more valuable than the next person’s…

steve carell gif\

Possibly there is confusion & some people don’t know the distinct difference between debating your opinion versus trying to change someone’s view to match your own.

If everyone had the same perceptions, ideas and opinions the world would remain idle. Contradiction creates change – good, bad & ugly. In small places like the workplace & home, to the very large picture of politics, professional athletes or global warming…

Nothing would change if nothing was ever questioned. 

“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.”
Oscar Wilde

I wish I had the ability to make people listen – not only to others but to themselves also. The opinion that you’re fighting for… how much do you know about it? If you’re passionate about it, know about it.

“You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.”
Harlan Ellison

How far are you willing to go to get someone to agree with you? I am more than happy to share my opinion with people when asked… when I answer – do not insult me or anyone else who has a differing idea.


I shared my opinion on Adrian Peterson & a man challenged me on it – which I welcome. I love a good debate. I allowed him to share with me his points and I listened to them; at no point did I make it personal or combative. As my opinion did not match his, he called me a lunatic… a psychopath & a child abuser – because I have spanked my child.

mr rogers

A respectful debate can change opinions – but that is not the goal. Over all we should be more concerned with educating ourselves with the help from one another, rather than trying to produce clones of one thing.

(…Rant Over.)

To Be Honest

It really bothers me when people write out an address with an apartment that is clearly alphabetically labeled – yet they put (#) in front of it.

For you visual people out there or if you’d just like some further clarification…allow me to demonstrate :

Not Correct: 1234 Number Sign Way # J
Correct: 1234 Number Sign Way APT J

That… is a number sign. Not to be confused with a letter sign.