Adrian Peterson Is Not A Child Abuser

I again, am going to take an unpopular stance just as I did with the Ray Rice issue. Adrian Peterson has made it clear that his intentions were to discipline & admitted that he went overboard; the intent was not to injure his child. I’ve read a lot of comments from people who are saying, “That is NOT a spanking!!” – He never claimed it was.

He called it a whooping & flat out told the grand jury that no one will stop him from whopping his kids when he sees fit.  He told the child’s mother after it happened that all his kids will say that their daddy has the biggest heart – but He doesn’t mess around when it comes to acting right.

Perhaps you have never laid a hand on your child(ren) and you have your ways of parenting that work for you… that’s great; keep up the good work. You have that right, just as I feel a parent should have a right to physically discipline. If my 7 year old son says “Fuck” & I smack him in the mouth, the sincere intent behind my physical discipline is not malicious.

Yes, I saw the pictures & yes, they made me cringe. Would I punish my child with a switch? No… I didn’t even know what a “switch” was until this all came out. Do I spank my child? Yes, and it works for me. About a month ago, I started a draft…

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I’ve gone over this before – our job as parents is to raise functional members of society. How you choose to do that, is your business as long as your child(ren) are not in any real danger. Charles Barkley was quoted as saying, “Every black parent in the South is going to be in jail under those circumstances.” Personally, I wish more attention would be focused on the parents who do not discipline their children.

There are 19 states in America where it’s perfectly legal for teachers or principals to punish students by hitting them repeatedly instead of just giving them detention. While many of the states do not enforce that form of punishment regularly, one Texas school district administered corporal punishment to more than 120 kids in 2011 alone.  If teachers are allowed to whoop a kid – parent’s should have at minimum – equal rights without being judged for it.

The Minnesota Vikings have placed Adrian Peterson as active for this Sunday’s game against the Saints in New Orleans … as he should be in my opinion. He was indicted for “reckless or negligent injury to a child.” – which he has admitted to, and has been cooperative since. He has not had his day in court & whether you agree with me or not I believe he loves his kids & wants well for them. I think he went too far – you think he went too far & he thinks he went too far.

He is not a child abuser.