29 Short-Long Years

Now that my half birthday has passed, I’m officially less than 6 months away from the big 3-0. To be honest, the closer it comes, the less I fear it – which is pretty ideal.

Good News: I’ll survive turning 30 – I’ll live.

29 years is a very short-long time.

Short enough that I certainly do not know everything.

Long enough to have learned quite a bit.

29 Things I Have Learned In 29 Years 

(Many of these things will not be mind-blowing to anyone reading this. Many of them are ideas I’d known intellectually, but only recently have learned practically.)

1.)  The Beatles have the capability to cheer anyone up.

2.) The very worst things I’ve experienced completely blindsided me and there was no way to avoid it. If I could have, it wasn’t the worst thing.

3.) True friendship is not dependent on how often you talk to someone, or see someone – true friends will always be there no matter what & no matter where “there” is.

4.) Locksmiths are very expensive, and I have yet to find one that offers any sort of punch card or discount for people who repetitively lock their keys in their car.

5.) The true meaning of love & that marriage is so much more than “just a piece of paper” – like I had said on numerous occasions, I was very wrong – it’s so much more.

6.) There is power in apologizing and admitting when I am wrong. On the contrary, I have also learned the power of forgiveness & the importance of choosing my battles.

7.) There is a lot of [physical & emotional] muscle in a hug. A hug can say so much more than anyone could actually say.

8.) High-Fives are awesome & everyone should high-five more often…They are especially great when the other high-fiver is just as excited as you.

9.) Technology is the best & worst thing that has EVER happened. It’s possible that is more of a formed opinion rather than something I was actually taught – however…I still stand by it.

10.) It feels good to exercise and eat right. On that same note, I’ve learned the importance of my health & the sincere want to be around for as long as I possibly can.

11.) Sacrifice can and usually produces good. If I can sacrifice something in exchange for something I need or want…It’s worth it.

12.) To care about my reputation; not popularity – but reputation. That’s my name…I won’t dirty it up. I’ve learned that is called this thing called, “Pride”

13.) A little niceness can go a long way, and it makes me feel good. Holding the door for someone I don’t know (or do know), telling a stranger getting off the elevator to have a nice day, making a point to smile at people I pass…That stuff is so EASY, and it might brighten someone’s day.

14.) There is no feeling in the entire universe that trumps the love I have for my child. You have a baby and *BAM* : Love explodes all over you & it’s wonderful.

15.) Do not light a Fourth of July Sparkler upside down, it will explode in your hand and cause some nasty painful bubbly burns.

16.) Age truly is just a number. I still feel 22 (most days). Some days I feel 85 – but it remains just a number.

17.) People change and grow apart & that’s okay.

18.) Ghosts, spirits, angels…whatever you choose to call them…they exist. I will leave it at that.

19.) Own the truth, even if it will get me in trouble. If you speak nothing but the truth, you don’t need to keep your story straight. Imagine that.

20.) Karma is real. Choose to believe in it or not, but I am confident that everyone, everywhere at some point will believe in Karma.

21.) It’s important to choose my friends wisely. I refuse to surround myself with people who will bring me down or that continually make bad choices.  Some people are truly not worth your time & effort.

22.) Only I know what is best for me. I’ve learned to use my head, heart & gut to steer me – carefully choosing which one to listen to in different situations.

23.) Take a minute to have a mini dance party – whenever & wherever it takes place –Turn it up, shimmy it out.

24.) Hydrate. Wine makes for a pretty hefty hangover headache if you don’t consume it properly; especially boxed wine, especially red boxed wine.

25.) Not everyone is nice. Not everyone will like me. There are some nasty people in this world. It’s okay to just let them be nasty and rude…it’s not personal.

26.) Obviously this had to make the list…If I hadn’t learned this in my 29 years – there’d be something seriously wrong with me. Life is not fair. Complaining doesn’t get me ahead – Suck it up.

27.) Boxed hair dye is not always as it shows on the box. Egyptian Plum should actually be labeled, “Maroon.”

28.) “Thank You” is a powerful statement that I use as often as I can.  Appreciation & Gratitude are attributes I wish more people had.

29.) Never ever ever ever regret. In some way, shape or form, I wanted to do that stupid thing I did. In that moment it was my best idea ever, and exactly what I needed & I survived.