An Open Letter to Katy Perry

Dear Katy,

I have three things I want to go over real quick…


I get it, you have a platform you utilize to pound your chest as a strong, independent woman – who gives no fucks what anyone thinks. Good for you, except rating your celebrity sex partners is gross and not even a little bit entertaining or empowering.

Can you imagine if John Mayer did that? Man, the media would be having a field day claiming that he’s slut shaming, and how dare he discuss personal sexual encounters with the entire world – using names.

Male or female, it’s trashy – just like you.


Back when you were okay with being mediocre, I liked you. Now it appears you’re trying to force yourself into that top spot, again – good for you –  reach for the stars but can you not act like your racial ignorance and white privilege are cute?

It’s not.


You’re not six years old, you’re a woman with a voice and I wish you’d use it more wisely. No one should have to sit you down and tell you right from wrong – look into that shit before you embarrass yourself again.


Your feud with Taylor Swift is boring and no one cares, including T. Swift herself. If you could get over it, like the rest of us that’d be great.  If you really can’t help yourself and feel the need to talk about it (I’m a girl – I get it), talk shit with your girlfriends like the rest of us. To do it publicly at this point is desperate and ripping your pants on stage was probably Karma telling you to just STFU. Swish Swish.

I hope someday you can be content with mediocre again, and I won’t have to cringe every single time I see your name or face. Until then…

Used to be a fan,


PS: I don’t like your haircut.

Seriously, STFU: Ellen is Racist

I was pretty quick to click on the link painting Ellen DeGeneres as a racist. Ellen?

Um, what kind of cry baby world are we living in?  She’s implying that he’s super fucking fast. I, too, would love to be able to get shit done at that speed, it’s quite impressive.

Let me remind you, we’re talking about Ellen here. If Seth Rogen ran that race, posed for a smiling picture at 3,246mph – she’d post a picture of herself riding him too.

See what I did there?

I hope she’s not outraged, I mean, that could imply that she likes men… if you want to get nasty with it.

She’s a comedian, telling jokes in an easily offended world – not a racist.

Seriously, STFU.

Seriously, STFU: All Lives Matter

Would you go to a cancer walk and feel the need to tell people that MS is also a disease?

Psst… Just so you know, Alzheimer’s matters too.


For those of you preaching a sermon about us all being one race – the human race – please, wake up. While technically yes, we are all part of the human race and it’s a pleasant idea that we’re all granted the same opportunities…but we’re not and that’s the problem.

When did you all become so passionate, anyway?

I couldn’t help but notice that most of you who are vocalizing your right to matter too were silent after Philando Castile and Alton Sterling’s lives were taken, yet after police were murdered in Dallas a bunch of folks seemed to be offended that there wasn’t quite enough outrage over the police officer casualties – because not only do all lives matter – blue lives matter too. Obviously blue lives matter because everyone knows that a cop killer wouldn’t go free.

There is a difference between what happened in Dallas and what happened to Alton and Philando.

If one morning an officer is putting on his uniform and feels afraid he has the right, and the ability, to walk away from the profession. In no way, shape or form am I implying that since they knew the risk involved that it is less of a tragedy, I’m simply trying to put it in perspective. Black men are afraid and there is nothing they can do about it except stick together, support each other and hope they don’t end up at the wrong place at the wrong time.

You can smear All Lives Matter across your Facebook wall but that doesn’t change the fact that last night, tonight and tomorrow there are black mothers who are going to sit down with their sons before bed and have a discussion that I can’t begin to comprehend. I am not able to wrap my head around it because of something called, white privilege and if you want to pretend it isn’t real – I regret to inform you that you’re living in a fantasy world.

If you truly believe that all lives matter, prove it. Proclaiming that your race matters too is greedy as fuck. Let them have this – this is not about you, white people.

The ignorant arguments that are floating around this madness imply that there’s a higher chance that the killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were justified rather than assume a police officer made the wrong choice.

Is a cop more innocent until proven guilty than the black guy he just killed?

I’m just wondering, is that because he had special training and took an oath to protect and serve? Meanwhile, the Bahamas issued a travel advisory warning their citizens to be wary of our cops…[“Young males are asked to exercise extreme caution.”]

Stop talking about black-on-black crime, stop talking about their criminal records (or lack thereof), stop using the word thug and for the love of God, please stop talking about us all being part of the same race while spewing this garbage.

I believe if Alton and Philando were young white men they would still be alive – end of story. That is why the Black Lives Matter movement is important and that is why they don’t need to share it with anyone else.

All Lives Matter? Seriously, STFU.

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[S is for] Seriously, STFU: Transgender Bathroom Policies

The right to use a public bathroom is not something that should be up for debate. I’ve snuck into the men’s room on multiple occasions and have never been approached by an officer and no laws are getting passed about it. If common sense could be utilized by the masses it would be apparent that everyone has the same goal in this particular place.fb_img_1461948462416.jpg

Do your business, mind your business and life goes on. The world will continue to spin even if the person next to you was born with the opposite genitalia as you.


Are there some disturbed individuals who also happen to be transgender, sure. There are erratic people of all kinds and colors in this world – they’re everywhere – this is not new information and we won’t escape them by making new bathroom rules. Forcing people to prove their gender (at birth) before being allowed to relieve themselves is a crazy, insane concept that makes my head spin.

An ID? Really?!

A natural disposal of waste is not that serious, we’re pissing and shitting, get over it. For anyone to suggest this whole bathroom fiasco is anything other than a display of hate, power, fear, control and segregation is laughable. This has nothing to do with the safety of your little girl, it has everything to do with the transgender men and women who just need to take a leak. Who believes that a person would go through all that being transgender entails so that he/she could waltz into a public bathroom and be creepy or inappropriate? That would imply that it’s a choice, which is a debate for another day.

‘If this was YOUR daughter, would you be comfortable sending her into a men’s bathroom? Neither would I. Be fair. Be kind. Be empathetic. Treat others how you would like to be treated.’ –Meg Bitton

Statistics Show Exactly How Many Times Trans People Have Attacked You in Bathroom

Surprise: There are zero reported cases of this happening. Making these human beings validate their identities to you or anyone else… is for nothing.

Seriously, STFU.

A-Z Challenge: S is for STFU

Ariana Grande: As #ucked Up As The Rest Of Us

The number of outlandish things I’ve done while hanging out with my friends in my younger days could maybe be comparable to the whole doughnut-licking debacle and even the, “I hate America” statement.

Originally, the plan was to list all the ridiculous, bitchy & off the wall things I’ve let spew out of my mouth, but the idea shifted after I started writing them out. I realized not only are they comparable, some could argue that they’re worse.

I’ve said some pretty #ucking crazy shit.

I understand there may be some exceptions [all you perfect people out there] but the vast majority of us have said awful, gross, degrading or just plain rude statements at some point in our lives – especially when we’re in the company of our friends: who are just as #ucked up as we are. To take it another step further – majority of the crap that’s said… we don’t really expect it to be taken to heart.

As a blogger, I have the luxury of choosing what to share and when…on my own terms. It’s something most of us average John & Jane’s are allowed to have on a day-to-day basis…

Isn’t privacy lovely? 

Never have I ever been famous or had people watch and share my every move, so I can’t relate to Ariana Grande’s life… at all. Something we do have in common however, is that we’re both human and humans have a tendency to be inappropriate.

Do I condone her licking a doughnut? No.

Do I think she really hates America? No.

Do I think her apology was a little… weird? Yes.

But c’mon… this does not need to be news or investigated.

Let’s all just move on and let her be a little bitch – like me and you.