Parental Perks

Sure, free spirits with no kids, I’m sure they’re having the time of their lives traveling, going out for happy hours & sleeping whenever they please. Sometimes I envy them; then I remember there are plenty of perks parents get that they do not.

It’s not a competition or anything, but…

  • If our house is messy, nobody really judges us for it [out loud].
  • We get to buy all the fun snacks (i.e. Fruit Roll-Ups, Gushers, Fruit Snacks…) for the kids and eat them all.


  • When our kids are sick we get a day off from work.
  • Our kids pick up the dog poop and scoop cat boxes [& we do not].

giphy (1)

  • When we oversleep, we have children that wake us up.
  • We get way fewer hangovers. [At least we should…if you’re doing the parenting thing right].
  • We’re allowed to be a homebodies without being labeled as ‘anti-social’…because we have a kid at home.
  • Board games are fun.board game gif
  • We’re never lonely. Ever. Even if we want to be. [Pros & Cons]
  • All those things we wish we got to do as children…we can encourage our kids to do it & live vicariously through them. [In a healthy way/not a dance-moms kinda way].
  • In extreme situations, we have a built in excuse for anything: 

Sorry, couldn’t get a babysitter.

  • We get an extra birthday [mother’s/father’s day]… every year.
  • Live-in cheerer-upper. Our kids hate seeing us sad.giphy (2)

So, enjoy your sleep kidless folks… it’s not so bad being a parent.