Frog Legs Taste Like Chicken

Chinese food is not my favorite, but I certainly do not dislike it. My husband on the other hand could eat the stuff a minimum of once a week (possibly even 3x) if I was not in the picture. Ideally, I’d receive some sort of coin every time he asked to enjoy a Hunan Chicken Combo Plate for dinner, and I said no.

Oh, the possibilities.

So, there we are at Asian Garden Buffet…

Like many married couples, it’s not out of the ordinary for us to dabble in what the other person has chosen, that is obviously the best and most convenient way to get the most food in your belly with the least number of trips bang for your buck. I mean, the plate is only so big and I don’t want to look like a hefer going up to graze for the 3rd time.

Sidenote: Growing up, my brother so lovingly gave me the nickname, JenHefer, ya know, instead of Jennifer? The memories are haunting, especially in buffet settings.

Peanut butter chicken, teriyaki beef stick, fried rice…I’ll pass on that oyster…stuffed mushroom, spring roll – that looks good for my first helping (hefer).

Back at the table, enjoying our meal, Brandin hands me a chicken wing and without thought, I take it. Nothing special. Mostly unspecial because it was a frog’s leg.

Got me. I’m a sucker. Good one. I am certain that I am not the first wife who has fallen for this trickery. The most frustrating part of the ordeal was that I so badly wanted to be mad at him but… it tasted like chicken.

So it was decided, I’m not going to let that bother me.

The shenanigans did not come full circle until we visited the hot bar of Chinese food again and pulled the same stunt on our 7-year-old.

Brandin and I sat, exchanging sneaky smirks back and forth just waiting for Bennett to pick it up and indulge in the (supposed to be) completely unappetizing, disgusting frog’s leg – we think we’re so sly.

He cleaned it to the bone without a second thought. Delicious.

On our drive home, we let him in on our little secret. Initially, the look on his face appeared as if we just told him he ate cat poo. Quickly, the appalling attitude that was smeared across his little face went away.

“It tasted like chicken…”

So I’m left wondering what just happened?  Do we like frog’s legs? Did this fooling escapade backfire……twice?Who am I kidding? This is not even a question. I will never voluntary eat a frog’s leg – regardless of how meaty & delicious it is.