I’m Not Going To Let That Bother Me…

There we were, my Husband & I both trying to get that ever so important final word in. I’m not even able to tell you what we were bickering about. I am positive however that it was something really dumb – bickering is always for a dumb reason. If it was something of any importance it certainly would have escalated into an argument & I’d know exactly what it was pertaining to.

Yeah, okay…whatever you say.



Seriously! I JUST tried to end this.


After he got his final word – a statement came out of my mouth that was exceptional…

Ya know what? I’m not going to let that bother me.

Brandin just looked back at me and I watched a smirk grow on his face & He repeated it. I’m not going to let it bother me either – & that was that.

I admit, I fully intended for that statement to be snide; one more little jab. Surprise fell over me when I realized what had just happened –  I felt better. It was not a VICTORY IS MINE sorta better – instead it was as if I had literally just chucked that bicker-fest out the window.  See ya later, bye.

What was supposed to be a disparaging remark – turned into quite the opposite.

I encourage anyone reading this to give it a whirl, and not only when squabbling. Personally, it has to be said out loud to fully serve its purpose. For instance: Oh, the jerk in the fancy car just cut me off? I’m not going to let that bother me. Interesting… You canceled plans with me because you have a headache – and you were just tagged on Facebook at Applebee’s? I’m not going to let that bother me. My dog that was just outside for 20 minutes crapped on the floor. I’m not going to let that bother me.

There is really something to this, I promise. I’m no head doctor and I’m certainly not an expert in staying calm (just ask my husband) – But when I hear those words come out of my mouth, I am able to digest the situation & chose from there on out if it is worth the negative feelings. More often than not – I’d rather just stay in a good mood.

Life is short; stop getting so torn up over minuscule things.