Dear Copps [In Appleton, Wisconsin on Ballard Road]

I stopped into your grocery store, yesterday early afternoon to pick up some necessities for copps open letter super bown necessitiesthe Superbowl game; tampons, cupcakes & Coors Light.

I typically praise your establishment – before moving to the area, I was more of a Piggly Wiggly kinda gal.

Sidnote: 7 years ago – before I moved to Wisconsin, I thought Piggly Wiggly was a made up grocery store for the movies.  

Before I get ahead of myself let me create a visual of the weather so people can exercise their imaginations accordingly. It’s cold. Insanely windy…I drove through three snow-tornado-spinney-deals on my way through your parking lot. It’s gross & disgusting.

weather channel

That’s legit but, if I was going to show you something with less credibility…

It’d be more like this:

giphy (2)


Wearing her puffy jacket with a fur-lined hood…she’s shoveling the nasty muck all the vehicles have shoved into the walk way in front of your store.

Why is that? Who told her to do that? I picture someone who surely doesn’t want to go shovel themselves…if it was a guy… shame on you.

I briskly made my way through the slop…because it’s miserable outside, but I stopped to say to her…

Are there no able bodied men inside who could be shoveling?

I’d start a petition if I were you…

She gave me this, you have no idea look that I’m decently familiar with.


Inside the warm, cozy building not surprisingly I see a minimum of 5 men putting away produce. I’m not blaming these guys… they are also, just doing their job; doing what they were told to do by hopefully, you – Mr. Manager at Copps in Appleton, on Ballard Road.

I’m not a feminist, obviously.

Please get some men/boys/guys out there to help a girl out. If this girl offered to shovel – more power to her. Good for her; it’s not the most business savvy decision either way.  She was struggling; that’s a fact. I’m sure I’m not the only person out of the the plethora of people making last minute trips to the grocery store on Superbowl Sunday to acknowledge it. – it’s a mess & certainly not that young lady’s fault.



Onside Chick: Vikings Vs. Packers Prediction

The last time the Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers dueled, it ended in a 26-26 tie. Prediction: That will not happen again… 

Offensively Speaking…

The Minnesota Vikings have a lot to be excited about after Sunday’s win against the Falcons.  Rookie QB, Teddy Bridgewater threw for 317 yards and ran five times for 27 more. His calm demeanor and mature movement in the pocket, certainly doesn’t scream, Rookie! 

Teddy Bridgewater
via: espn

As good of a game as it was for the Vikings on Sunday – Let’s not forget that the Green Bay Packers are 7-1-1 in their last nine games against the Vikings at home &… they do not need stellar performances by a rookie quarterback to get their fans excited; they have Aaron Rogers – who recently told fans:

R-E-L-A-X…He’s got this.

Aaron Rogers
via: espn

Since Adrian Peterson has been out dealing with his legal woes, Viking running backs Matt Asiata and Jerick McKinnon have had a good run… (pun intended).  McKinnon exploded out of the backfield for 135 yards last week and Asiata added three rushing touchdowns against the Falcons. This week, these two get to go against the less than stellar Green Bay defense – who has given up 175 yards on the ground… per game.

matt-asiata-teddy-bridgewater-nfl-atlanta-falcons-minnesota-vikings fansided com

Packers running back, Eddie Lacy rushed into the end-zone for the first time this year securing 1 out of the 4 touchdowns Green Bay scored against the Chicago Bears last Sunday.  It’s safe to say, Green Bay may not a running team… but they don’t need to be to get a win.


Because, the Packers have him & Jordy Nelson… & Randall Cobb.

Defensively Speaking…

The Minnesota Viking’s overall #1 pick, Linebacker Anthony Barr seems to know what he’s doing with 2 sacks so far & Free Safety, Harrison Smith made his intentions clear in the 4th quarter against the Falcons by sealing the the Viking’s win with an interception.


The Packers defense has struggled this season, but they managed to hold their own against the typically high scoring Bears offense last week. The packers have key players on their defense like Clay Matthews who intercepted Jay Cutler & Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix who had 5 tackles, all on his own last week.


It pains me to say this as a Minnesota Viking Fan…but, I have to be honest. The combination of playing at Lambeau Field & Teddy’s minor ankle setback… I can not sit here and say I think The Vikings will come out victorious.

Green Bay Packers:  34
Minnesota Vikings: 27

I’m expecting Mr. Rogers to sling the ball & connect a few times. I mean, obviously…

I think Mr. Bridgewater’s game will be less smooth than his game against the Falcons. If he can stay as collected as last week & the offensive line continues to protect him though…

Who knows?


One more prediction…


We will see this.

Fun Fact: The Packers–Vikings rivalry is noted for being very balanced. In the first 97 meetings, the total offensive yardage, points scored, wins, turnovers, and time of possession are all within 5% of each other; these are the closest margins for a rivalry longer than 15 years. 

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