H is for Handwriting


I wonder how long it would have taken me to transfer my thoughts onto that piece of paper if my native tongue was Chinese. I mean, those symbols are pretty complex – do some people add their own flair? We can add hearts or stars on top of our lower case i’s and we all still know what letter it is; we can customize our alphabet!

In school we learn the proper way to write each letter and once we feel safe and confident we’ll start connecting the tops of our fours – and refuse to make every ‘r’ lower-case [see above]. Some people actually don’t care at all how their freehand writing looks, or maybe they do but the effort to make it legible is just too great. Who knows? 

Know what’s annoying? Starting off a fresh piece of paper with intentions of making the most beautifully written grocery list ever created, only to have it end up looking like pure shit; I hate that. The first few lines are perfect, you take your time and are careful to space out the items in case you need to add something…

…And when all is said and done? Might as well have done this:


via: visualsforchange.com

One last thing…

…Maybe it’s a girl thing, in fact, I’m confident it is. We all have or had that one friend with the best handwriting. How does she do it? It’s like a God damn font from the computer. For me, that friend was Emily Thompson and in middle school I always wondered if she was aware of it. I wish my writing looked like that, is something every girl has said to herself at least once; what a weird thing to envy.


A to Z Challenge: Day Eight


Dear Writer’s Block

It’s not you, it’s me. Is that how these things are supposed to start? Unfortunately, for me, I’ve come to the rotten realization that it’s impossible to rid you from my life forever. You’ll always find a way to creep into my world and consume me with your nothingness.

Am I doing something to make you think I like you?! How long is it physically possible to sit and stare at a blinking cursor before you go completely bat-shit crazy? These are real questions, Writer’s Block… the least you can do is tell me, so I can try to stay sane as long as possible.

Are you aware of the shit you do to me? Do you have any idea? To avoid going nuts, I attempt to occupy myself by surfing the web aimlessly; it seems so normal but before I know it I’m analyzing my friend’s, ex-husband’s, new wife’s Facebook page. Why?! You turn me into some weird creep and I don’t like who I become when you’re around.

How it’s even possible for nothing, like you, to simply erase every amazing idea I’ve been repeating obsessively for hours?

Well, maybe you should have written them down…

Now I’m talking for you. You are officially driving me effing bonkers. I can’t write a single sentence for my book, but I can create inner-dialogue for nothing.


That’s how I feel right now; for some reason actual words escaped me  – weird, right? I hate it when that happens. Listen, I promise if you go away and let a girl get some work done, I will stop putting words in your made up, hypothetical mouth. Deal?

Please don’t make me beg. 

I will seriously take two [insert any expletive of your choice] days……..

I will give you my SOUL if you’ll allow me to finish National Novel Writing Month with something that at least… sorta-kinda resembles a novel of sorts. That’s super vague and totally in your favor, not to mention my soul is pretty great. Whatever you want, Writer’s Block.

The ball is in your court [like it always fucking is…].


Writers Digest: The Writing Prompt Boot Camp: Day One

Breaking Up With Writer’s Block

Writing Is Scary

“Be courageous and try to write in a way that scares you a little.” :Holley Gerth

You put your personal thoughts out there to be judged… and people are harsh.

Are people going to think I’m strange if I say this or that?  What if I want to say Fuck, sometimes it’s necessary, but I don’t want people to think less of me…

I didn’t start calling myself a writer until I stopped allowing other people’s opinions to affect the words I jot down. For every person who think’s I’m odd, bitchy, not politically correct enough or just flat out doesn’t like me, there are plenty more who are just as fucked up as I am & can appreciate what I have to say.

I’ve mentioned wanting to write a book one or two, possibly a thousand times. It’s obnoxiously similar to my, I-should-start-a-blog statements I was making years ago…and then I finally did it.

I finally feel ready for my next feat. The idea of writing a book is more intriguing than scary at this point. I have so many stories that have started to form, swirling around in my head…but none have gotten me excited enough to physically write it out, develop characters & an entire story line.

An idea I can’t shake has finally entered my busy brain & I’m ready to start my next challenge.

I don’t know how long it’ll take me & I do not care.

Cold [Friday Fictioneers]

Don’t be jealous; your turn will come.

I see you over there cold & yearning for my warmth.

The shadows will keep you company while I make my way.

Patience, I will be there soon.

What I’m able to provide, many need.

I’m busy making others swoon.

Your bitterness will not stop my arrival.

I’ll make a promise to be there, early afternoon

I’ll make the frost disappear.

Your colors reappear.

I may not stay as long as you’d like

Perhaps the moon can appease you until tomorrow

Don’t be jealous; your turn will come



PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

This was written in response to: Friday Fictioneers.
The objective of Friday Fictioneers is to challenge yourself to write a 100 word story that is influenced by a single photo. If you’d like to learn more and/or participate, click on the photo prompt above.