Turn Down For What

I find this song & video enjoyable; quite baffling.

There are such few words – and I don’t even really know what they are implying. Turn down for what? Turn down for what. Is that a question or a statement? What I’ve figured out though is that it just doesn’t matter; you can’t over think it or the song loses it’s shimmer.

This song…It really goes against all of my Little John (Lil?…yeah, I don’t know…) hatred I’ve mustered up over the years.


I hate that. I hate to say hate…but when the shoe fits…

Possibly, I’ve had it wrong this entire time. Maybe it’s not his voice I’ve had a distaste for, but the words? He doesn’t grace us with that obnoxiousness in this song.

The more I think about it… it is his voice. The amazing catchy i-wanna-move-my-body-in-ways-it-shouldn’t-move beat just make up for it in this one particular song.

As far as the video goes…I am successfully able to spot the funny, fabulous choreography of it & I feel comfortable handing majority of the credit for that to my many years of watching So You Think You Can Dance.  I believe if that particular music video was put on the SYTYCD stage – Adam Shankman would hardly be able to contain himself; who could blame him?

Like…these people practiced this. Can you imagine how much fun they had?

With all that being said… after jumping past the sureness that I hate all things “Small John” (that’s what I’ve decided to call him going forward ’cause the whole ‘lil/little’ thing bothers me) and then leaping over the denial I was swimming in the first 10 times I heard Turn Down For What…

…I just can’t stop wanting to dance when I hear it. It does the same thing to me no matter my whereabouts. My car, office, house, waiting room (I highly doubt that’ll ever happen though).

I don’t know who I am anymore. Are there more Small John songs I might like?

So many questions…